Yes, you can! But first please make sure you are subscribed to our Premium Plan.

Mindful Team provides you with a defaul health ched that consists of 12 indicators based on the Squad Health Check used by Spotify. However we wanted to give users the opportunity to create their own health checks.

This is how you can do it:

  1. Go to + Button on the Top Menu or edit Health Checks from the Your Retrospectives page.

  2. Once you are in Selecting your Team Indicators page (step 2), click on Create New Indicator.

      3. Give your Indicator a name and introduce the question you would like your team to answer taking into account the indicator you want to measure. Select the line and dot colour in which your indicator will appear on the Indicators chart. Then click Save. 

  4. You can add as many Indicators as you like. You may also edit or remove the ones created. 

    5. Click on Preview Template to have a look at how your retrospective form will look like when sent to your team. 

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