If you are already using Mindful Team, your team members are submitting their feedback via our form link. However if you would like them instead to submit their answers via Slack, this is what you need to do:

  1. Go to the Settings page and click the "add to Slack" button.

    2. A new Slack window will be opened for you to choose your Slack Workspace and click on Authorize. This allows Mindful Team to access the email addresses of your Slack Workspace members. 

    3. After this you will be redirected to Mindful Team - Team Settings page. On this page make sure you select from the dropdown the email address of all your team members. Then click on Save. 

     4. Next click Yes on the confirmation popup window.

     5. Once you are on Slack, make sure Mindful Team has been added to your Apps section.

In case this didn't happen automatically, you will need to click on the + button in the app section and add the app yourself. This very easy. Search for Mindful Team and install.

10. Last step and more important: In order to finish your setting up process, please say 'hello' to the bot on the Slack chat. You should get a Welcome message to confirm your communication with the bot is working fine.
Please tell your team to also say 'Hello' to the bot to make sure everyone communicates perfectly with the Mindful Team bot.

11. All your team members, including yourself, will automatically receive a private welcome message from the Mindful Panda bot. You can check the status of your team members integration at any time from the Feedback page on Mindful Team.

12. Now you are all set up. When your next feedback form goes out you and your team will receive a message from the bot to submit your answers. Mindful Panda will ask you on the chat all the questions selected by you and the answers will automatically be collected on your Mindful Team dashboard. 

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