We've recently introduced a feature that allows users to rate the effectiveness of an action. This allows users to understand whether an action was beneficial to the team or not, rather than endlessly completing actions. 

As well as rating the action, this feature allows you to optionally link a health check to that action. 

Here is how it works:
First you must mark an outstanding action as complete. You may do this from one of 3 different places.

The 'Your Team' page: 

The 'Your Retrospective Page' (Team Retrospective section):

The 'Retrospective Presentation Mode'

Once you mark an action as complete, a dialog automatically appears like this:

Here you may mark whether the action was effective and optionally select the Health Check the action affected most (you must have team health checks to do this).

Once your actions have been marked as effective or not, you may view this on the  action tab here:

We will be updating this feature in the future to make this information more useful. If you have ideas on how you would like this information to be presented, let us know!

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