Masterminds have been a feature on Mindful Team for a little while now, however they've just been supersized with the addition of in app video chat to enhance your meetings! 📹🔥

In this article I'm gonna go through the 4 key steps to setting up, running and making the most out of your Mastermind accountability groups using Mindful Team.

Step 1: Setup a Mastermind Meeting

Once you're signed up to Mindful Team, you will need to setup a meeting

Initiate this by selecting the 'Add meeting' button on the team menu, from any of the main pages on the site.

Setting up your team is a simple process consisting of setting up a reoccurring meeting, adding your team members, choosing your questions, and naming your team. 

The onboarding flow has 3 main steps:

Step 2: Selecting a project you want to run for your team.

Step 3: Picking the qualitative template of questions your team will answer 

as well as quantitive questions to help measure the progress of your team.

Step 4: Naming your team and optionally adding additional info (useful if you're making the mastermind public for users to request access).

And that's it. Let us know your thoughts and give us feedback on how your Mastermind group has gone using Mindful Team.

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