We've just added support for Zoom video to Mindful Team.

As you know we have pre-built video on Mindful Team. However for those of you that have a Zoom account or would like to support over 7 users, our Zoom integraron is the right solution for you.

Setting up is easy. You must be the admin of your project and follow the following X steps.

  1. Navigate to the settings page.

  2. Select the Zoom button and connect your account

  3. Go to the meetings page of your project.

  4. Navigate to the meeting page by selecting the 'Start meeting' button.

  5. Once inside you should notice the 'Start Zoom meeting' button.

  6. Select that button and it will launch the Zoom window or app.

  7. You will be sent directly to the meeting on Zoom

And that's it. Please be aware that this will only work for the upcoming meeting and not for past meetings.

Any issues or problems, please let us know!

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