Once your mastermind is set up participants will start being able to request access. 

1. 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 Accept or decline applicants by going to the Members page of your mastermind or accountability group. Once all the seats are filled in you are ready to go!

2. ✅ Create activities for your participants to complete. Let's say activities are the homework you set for your participants to complete before your meeting. These ONLY applies to masterminds! If you are running an accountability group, you may use activities as a way to share resources with the rest of the participants.
Check this article How to create an Activity for your Mastermind participants.

3. 🤓 View the feedback submitted by your mastermind or accountability group participants. By going to the Meetings page you can see who has submitted the feedback and who hasn't done it yet. Feel free to send reminders to the participants who have not completed their feedback yet. They will receive an email with a link to their form.

The details of the feedback submitted can be also viewed from the Meetings page. Click on the questions on each question in order to see the answers. The participants are also allowed to upload files.

5. 👩‍💻 The day of the meeting. The day of your Mastermind or accountability group meeting, you and your participants will connect through Mindful Team. As soon as you login you will be prompted to join the meeting by a notification banner at the top or you can also access the meeting by going to Meetings page and click Enter Meeting. 

Once you enter the meeting you will see 3 columns. 

1. "Topics to discuss" column. It contains all the feedback the participants submitted grouped by participant - each Topic corresponds to each participant. The selected Topic will be highlighted in green. This will allow you to conduct the meeting, so you can go through each participants' feedback and create actions.
If a participant does not submit their feedback, their name will not appear in this column.

2. "Actions" column. An action is a task you set up for a specific feedback comment left by one of the participants. This column will show the outstanding actions coming from past meetings and the new actions created on the current one. We recommend you to go through the outstanding actions in the meeting to make sure the participants are up to date with their tasks and mark as completed the ones that have already been done. You can do this by clicking on the 3 dots next to each action.
Once the meeting is over your participants will receive an email with all the actions created in the meeting that have been assigned to them.

3. "Participants" column. This column is where you will all see the other participants on the call. Make sure you click Start Video Call in order to connect with everyone. The maximum of participants per video call is 7. If your Mastermind on accountability group is bigger you can use zoom. Check this article on how to connect zoom with Mindful Team.

5. 👏 Get ready for your next meeting. Once the meeting is over you can start getting ready for the next one. Remember to create Activities for your participants so they can also start getting ready. We recommend running meetings every 2 weeks to have enough time to set activities and also allow participants to complete their feedback.

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