Activities are only relevant for Mastermind groups where your participants need to complete specific tasks and actions before the meeting takes place.

Each activity contains different steps. Therefore, we recommend creating activities per meeting or session, i.e. "Week 1: Create your audience persona". Where you can add different steps participants will need to do in order to complete the activity. 

1. Go to the Activity page of your Mastermind and click create.

2. Create the tile or the card the participants will see when going to their Activity page. Add a title, a due date, a description and image. Then click continue.

3. Add a page. Each page represents a step on a specific Activity.
This is a very easy process, you only need to add links to the content source instead of creating the content yourself. Add a title, a link and a description and your content will be embedded to the page. 

You can add as many pages -steps- as you want by clicking Add page. 

4. Once you added all the pages click finish. A popup will come up to give you the option of notifying your participants the homework is ready for them to complete. Click send and you are done!

Please make sure you create activities with enough time in advance so your participants are able to complete them before the meeting.

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