We send a number of emails on your behalf at Mindful Team. These emails range from reminding users for their feedback ahead of the meeting to sending them a link to the meeting room ahead of the call.

In this article I will go through each and every one of those emails, why and when and what gets sent.

Automated transactional emails

There are two main types of transactional email that we send from my Mindful Team.

1. A reminder to give feedback in advance of your meeting:

This email goes out to all users 24 hours before the meeting.

This is sent 10 mins before the meeting starts.

Custom emails:

We have 2 main scenarios when you may want to send custom email. Accepting and declining user applications to your groups and adding new activities.

When a user has applied to join one of your groups you may initiate emails depending on whether you accept or reject their application:

1. Accepting a user application:

2. Accepting a user pending payment

3. Declining an application

4. Custom Email

When you post an activity you may also add a custom message to accompany the email:

5. Creating an activity

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