The courses page allows you to create, edit or view courses or materials to accompany your Mastermind or accountability group.

The following are list of things you can do on this page:

View activity

When you land on the Activities page, you may view all activities by clicking on View Activity button.

Create/ Edit course

You may create a course by clicking on create link that appears at the top of the page. You may also edit existing activity details by clicking on the Edit button.

Edit course

If you're the Admin of Facilitator of the group, you may edit the individual details of an activity or course by clicking on Edit button. Once done you will see details like the title, due date (optional), photo and much more.

Add/ Edit Activity page

Once you have the details of the course sorted, you will need to produce activity pages with the content that your users will view. The activity pages appears inside an course and you may edit/delete the activity page after creating it by clicking on the edit or delete icon buttons.

Add/ Edit Activity page content

Activity pages consist of multiple activity content items. You may add additional items by selecting the "+" icon button under the create an activity page popup. Each activity consists of a description and a link. Adding a link will embed the content in page, so that your users may watch Youtube videos in page for example.

Save draft course

You may save a course as a draft by clicking on Save as draft button. Once done you may return to this later and edit the draft by adding additional activity pages and content inside the activity.

Finish activity (send message)

After adding an activity page and content you can send this activity with a message to all your participants by clicking on the Finish button. This will open up a popup, which allows you to send a custom email message to all participants notifying them about the activity.

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