The settings page, is a page where you may view or edit the settings of your group. There is also the option of viewing all upcoming meetings and changing their individual or reoccurring settings.

Below is a full list of all the main features of this page:

Update meeting settings

When you navigate to the Settings page, you will see the Meeting settings section. You may update the global settings of your project/ group by clicking on the Update link at the top of the section.

The link below will give you a list of all settings and what they do.

Meeting Settings

View meeting dates

At the bottom of the settings page you will see a calendar which displays all the recurring meetings you have.

Edit individual meeting

You may edit the settings of an individual meeting by clicking on a pink dot (the date of that meeting) directly from the calendar. An Edit popup will appear, you may edit any of those settings before saving.

Edit recurring meeting

After editing and saving your meeting, you will view a popup asking if you would like to apply your settings to just that individual meeting or all meetings. Selecting Update All, will apply the changes to all future meetings.

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