The templates page is a page where you may view all public templates created by other users as well as those created by you. Here you may apply a template to your meeting, preview, edit your existing templates and more.

Below is a full list of all the main features of this page:

View All Templates

When you land on the templates page, you will see all the global templates, created by all users under the Templates tab. All private templates created by you are under the "My templates" tab.

View My Templates

You may view the templates which are created by you by clicking on the "My Templates" tab.

Edit my template

You may edit your own template directly from the template page.

Search templates

You can search the template by entering any keyword in the Search field and click on the Search button. Search results will appear on the same page.

View individual template

You may view the template by clicking on any template from Templates landing page.

Preview template

You may see a preview of the template by clicking on any template from the Template landing page and selecting the Preview button.

Create template

You may create your own template by clicking on Create Template button that appears at the bottom of the Templates landing page. You must be a premium user to do this.

Select "Use in team"

You may use any template in your group by clicking the Use in team button that appears at the bottom of template.

Review template

You may rate a template by clicking on the stars on any template.

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