The great thing about the Mindful Team platform is that it automates a lot of the process for you. 

Navigate to the Feedback page, here you will be able to see information about who has and who hasn't submitted any feedback and view the feedback as it comes in. Be aware that you when you created the team you can decide if the feedback submitted by your team remains anonymous or not. 

Once all team members have submitted their retrospective forms for that particular Sprint, you have two options: whether you want your team to vote on the feedback or not.

The voting feature allows you and your team to decide on what will be discussed and the priority of that discussion. The platform does this by producing a Presentation mode for your meeting with an agenda of the most important topics to discuss in your meeting. 

In order to send a voting form to your team, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the 'Send Vote' button as illustrated above and a popup window will open presenting all the feedback submitted by the users for that sprint. 

  2. You will be able to remove feedback comments that you don't want the team to vote on by selecting the X next to the item.

     3. There are cases when several feedback comments are related to a particular            topic, so you may want to group those comments under the same title. In order to        do that, you just need to select those comments and create a group.

      4. Once you have reviewed the feedback submitted then click "Create a Link". A link will be generated for you to share with your team members. They just need to access the link to submit their votes on the 5 most urging topics to discuss.

       5. Once the users send their votes a list with the main topics to discuss in your retrospective meeting will be produced ordered by the most voted topics on the top. You will be able to see the real time votes on the Presentation page.

Now you are ready to go to your retrospective meeting!

If you decide that you would like to go straight to the feedback without the vote, you may do this by clicking 'View Retro' button. In this case you don't need to do any preparation before the meeting. 

In this scenario your Agenda will contain ALL the feedback comments submitted by the team in no particular order (and always anonymous).

Mindful Team doesn't take away the need for the retrospective meeting itself, but provides you with an easier way of conducting the meeting. 

Hope this article helps, if you have any questions or comments on this, let us know using our live chat!

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