You should conduct the beginning of your retrospective in the same way that you normally would whether this be by way 'Set the stage' questions or other techniques. 

When you use the Mindful Team platform the Gathering Data section of your retrospective now takes place throughout the sprint, this means you may jump straight to 'Generating Insights' and 'Deciding what to do' section of your retrospective and we have created a special Presentation Mode to use for this.

Bear in mind, all the feedback provided by the team will always be anonymous at this stage.

The presentation mode provides you with an agenda of topics to discuss. You should use the Topic section in the middle of the screen to toggle through each item and discuss openly with your team.

If you decide that a specific topic needs action you may select the TAKE ACTION button and take action in one of 2 ways.

Creating an Action
An action is a task that needs completing. It may be assigned to an individual in the team or the entire team but must be given a due date that has been simplified to 'the next retro that need to be completed by'.

Creating a Team Norm item
A Team norm item is a team norm, a new rule for the team that forms a part of your teams unique culture. 

Once it is created, it will be added to your actions list or Team Norms list, which may be found on your 'Your Team' page.

An hour after your retrospective meeting each member will receive a list of actions assigned to them. 

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