1st November 2017

  • Group feedback comments: The ability to group comments on the Team Feedback page.  

  • Reopen a retrospective: We added a new feature that allows Admin users to reopen a retrospective/team health check so the team can continue giving feedback after the meeting date is due. 

  • Link to voting form: We have improved the Voting feature user experience and made it much simpler. When user clicks in 'Send Vote' button, a link will be generated for the Admin to distribute to the team members. The team just needs to click in the link and submit their votes. 

6th October 2017

  • Export data: A new button has been added to the Team Feedback page. Admin users are now able to export the data for any retrospective/team health they choose. Data is downloaded as a xls document and it contains all the information corresponding to that date (feedback comments, indicator scores, actions, team culture items, etc).

4th September 2017

  • Organization Overview page: A new feature has been introduced to allow Companies to assess, track and compare the health of all the teams within the organization. This feature is designed for companies who have several teams and want to visualize the health of the entire organization at a glance. 

  • Org Admin user role: Following the feature above a new user role has been added to Mindful Team. This user will have access to Org Overview page and will be in charge of sending a registration URL to all its teams leaders where they can register to the platform and add their team members. All the reams created by these Admin users will fall under the same organization and will allow Org Admins to have a full picture of the Company's Health. This functionality is only available under previous request. 

  • Team Overview page update: Two new modules have been added to the Team overview page.        

  • Team Insight module which shows the current Team Health score of the team based on participation, happiness, retros completed and the number of outstanding actions. 

  • Team Members module where all the team members appear next to the role they have in the team - a 'manage' button has been included to allow the user to make any changes to the team from this page.

  • New frequency option: we have included a new frequency for team retrospectives that is 'Every 3 weeks'.

  • Feedback & voting on Real Time: An improvement has been made on the Team Feedback page which allows users to see on real time the addition of feedback comments and votes.

28th July 2017

  • Create your own retrospective templates: Team admins with premium membership are now able to create their own retrospective templates. This means you can create your own retrospective questions for your team. These templates are private, so only available to the team that you're an Admin for. Find out more here

  • Create your own indicators: Just like retrospective templates you may also create your own indicators to track with your team. These are super simple to do and you may also pic your own colours. Read more here

  • New navigation and UX: We spent some time updating the dashboard and navigation of the platform. It is now a lot easier to use and navigate around the platform. See it for yourself.

  • Team indicators breakdown: Now it is possible for users to hoover on the Indicator Graph and see how many people gave a particular score. 

18th July 2017

  • Access to retrospective forms through the platform: Team members are now able to login to the platform and fill in their retrospective forms directly from the platform. Users will receive an email as well as a notification on Mindful Team once the retrospective form has gone out. Team members will be able to access it by clicking on the notifications icon or via the Team Overview page. Basic Team Members will keep receiving emails with a link to fill in their retrospective forms.

  • Retrospective form status: A new module has been introduced on the Team Overview page to make Team Members aware of the progress of their retrospective forms. There are 3 statuses:

  • Send reminders to your team: Admin users are now able to send 'fill in retrospective form' reminders to individual team members from the platform. You can find this feature on Your Sprint Retrospective page in the Team Members section once the form has been sent. 

Selecting the send reminder button will send an email reminder to that individual team member to prompt them to fill in their form. The email looks like this:

  • Bug fixes

11th July 2017

  • Outstanding Actions: Module located on Team Overview page has been improved and it now shows the whole team outstanding actions, the users that actions has been assigned to and the due date when that actions should be completed. 

  • Review feedback & vote: The functionality of this button remains the same but it is now placed on the Meeting Presentation page. 

  • Bug fixes

  • UI improvements

19th June 2017

  • Team status: your team status is now shown on Team Overview page. Users can identify at a glance whether a team is active or archived.

  • Bug fixes

9th June 2017

  • Adhoc actions: the ability for users to create actions or team culture items that are not related to a specific piece of feedback. These may be created in three places:

 - Sprint Retrospectives page: 

 - Retrospective Presentation page: 

- Team Overview page:

  • Next Retrospective email notification: Admin users now receive an email notification 24h before their next retrospective form is sent to team members. This email will include the current goal and technique so that changes may be made if required.

  • Edit sprint goal & retrospective technique from the Dashboard : Edit buttons have been added to Sprint Retrospectives page to make it easier for users to make any changes.

1st June 2017

  • New user roles: we have introduced new user permissions to the platform. The Admin of a team is now able to give different access to team members based on their roles. The user experience has also been improved. Read more


28th May 2017

  • Team Culture: From now on as well as creating actions for the team members, it is also possible to create team norms that help set the culture of your team. Read more

  • Team Health Check: Taking the Spotify Health Check Model as a guide, we have implemented team indicators that will allow you to measure & track up to 12 different indicators in your team.

  • Team Insights: Based on historic data, Mindful Team will provide you with a team health score and actionable insights that will help you to take action on the right things at the right time.

16th May 2017

  • 2 new different layouts for retrospectives have been added.  

  • Retrospective form answers are now saved automatically and can be edited by users after submission by accessing the form link (users can therefore keep adding feedback as and when it comes to mind). 

  • Refinements in "Presentation Mode".

5th May 2017

  • Presentation Mode feature has been released. Users are now provided with an agenda on the main topics to discuss in the retrospective meeting, easily track actions created for each topic and a clear understanding of the outstanding actions in the team.

28th April 2017

  • On boarding refinements (timezone and user roles)

  • Bug fixes

20th April 2017

  1. Team entity has been removed and team members are integrated in the Reflection forms

2. Team voting feature. Now you and your team can vote on the feedback received to create a prioritised list of topics to discuss in your Retrospective meeting. You are also able to group similar comments. 

3. Summary Report. Once your Retrospective meeting has finished you will receive an email with a PDF Summary Report document containing the list of actions created during your meeting and actions due next week amongst other key items.

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