The aim of your retrospective meetings is to create actions. However, in Mindful Team we also give you the option to create team culture items. 

The main difference between a team norm item and an action is the due date, whilst an action always have a deadline and is assigned to someone in the team, a team norm item does not have a deadline as it is part of your team culture.

There are 2 main places where you can create actions and norm items from:

  1. In Your Retrospectives page next to the feedback comments. Click on '+' button, a popup window will come up, then select wether if you want to create an action or a team norm item.

    2. When clicking on 'View Retro' button, presentation mode comes up with an agenda of topics to discuss. You can create actions during your retrospective meeting from this page.  

      3. You may also create actions that are not necessarily related to any feedback comments received by the team. In order to create these type of actions you may do it from the following pages: Presentation mode , Your Retrospectives or Your Team.

         4. You can check your team outstanding actions and team norms from Your Team page.

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