Mindful Team is completely free for teams that are 4 members or less. If that's your case you can fully use the platform for free, forever.

There are two options when downgrading to the Free plan:

Downgrade immediately

During your Trial period you may downgrade to the Basic Plan anytime. The only thing you need to do is to make your sure your team is formed by 4 users or less (including the Admin user). By doing so, once your Trial period ends you will automatically move to the Basic Subscription, which has £0 cost.

Downgrade when the current billing cycle ends

Once you are on the Premium plan your team may be reduced to 4 members or less. In that case, make sure you remove the users that no longer belong to the team.
This option will keep your team on the paid plan until the end of the billing cycle. At that time, we’ll automatically downgrade you to the Basic plan.

Keep in mind, downgrading to the Free plan will not delete any of your team’s data.

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